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COVID - 19

We care about the safety of our staff and families and have moved to an"online" approach for making music during this time. 

Take a look at these steps to better record yourself when sending tracks in to be mixed and mastered. You can always reach out to us for our comprehensive online classes on recording secrets, how DAW's work, and what to look for while your recording at home.

2020 - Recording during the Coronavirus pandemic 

How to move to a Professional Studio Setup at Home

We have taken the necessary precautions to sterilize our studio for our educational recording and classes. We hope to be able to work with artists in any way we can during these tough times. 

*The Studio is deep cleaned by a professional crew before every session.

*Virtual podcasting, virtual post-production work & virtual classes offered when possible

*Virtual Mixing & Mastering 


          $75   for >10 Tracks

          $100 for <10 Tracks



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